What is WWFD?

A majority of Americans believe that our country was founded by the hand of Providence and look towards the Founding Fathers as not just genius men, but also as men of God, inspired by their Maker to provide the framework for a country where all men, created equal, truly could be treated equally and have a fair chance at the pursuit of their own happiness. Although the Founders were imperfect men (like all other men that have walked this Earth) and had their respective weaknesses, this website was created for any American to tap into the genius of our Founders with a simple search, and without having a partisan approach to the statements they made, or intentions they had.

A common argument of our day is that the Founders framework (the Constitution etc) is an out-of-date charter and the ideas contained therein are not relevant in the world of today with issues like terrorism, world-economics, healthcare, climate-change, entitlement programs, corruption and so on. On the contrary, as one will quickly find out by studying the words, ideas, and philosophies of the Founders, they had a strong understanding of the issues that our society would be confronted with, and were armed with solutions to prevent, resolve, and mitigate these problems. George Washington himself said that American would one day be a nation of over 300 million people, an idea hardly fathomable in the late 1700's, but here we are.

All quotations are given on this site without any interpretation of meaning. Keywords are provided, typically as synonyms, to help aid searching.

WWFD (What Would the Founders Do?) is a twist on a commonly used Christain phrase, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) that is worn or used by Christains to help them remember to look to Jesus--the Founder of their faith--in times of struggle, important decisions or in temptation, as a source of strength and understanding. WWFD offers the same idea, but to remind us to look to the Founders of our great nation, in our country's troubled times, for advice and understanding of what we should do to continue to ensure our God given rights will stay secured.

Ads on this site support the cause by subsidizing the cost of hosting, programming, storage, and maintenance. The site's primary purpose is to educate and help the general American public understand more about the amazing Founders. Please feel free to give us feedback about the site by going here.


Britton L. Beckham

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